China's Disruptor: How Xiaomi Succeeds in the Smartphone Market

Feb, 2016   |   20  Pages   |   Market Intelligence center   |   Format : PDF

Founded in 2010, Xiaomi unveiled its first smartphone a year later and quickly made its name among Chinese netizens. With a rapid growth in sales and popularity, Xiaomi has jumped to China's top three smartphone vendors in less than five years. This report profiles Xiaomi's history and analyzes in depth its product deployment, operational performance, key success factors, and future development strategies.

Table of Contents

1. Development History4
2. Product Deployment6
2.1 Smartphone6
2.1.1 Brand Name Xiaomi6
2.1.2 Brand Name Redmi6
2.1.3 Peripherals7
2.2 Connected TV8
2.2.1 Mi Box8
2.3 Smart Home Products10
2.3.1 Xiaomi Smart Home Products10
2.3.2 Xiaomi Smart Home IoT Open Platforms11
3. Operational Performance12
3.1 Smartphone Shipments Surge via Online Channel12
3.2 Market Share Leader in Chinese Smartphone Market13
4. Key Success Factors13
4.1 Open Innovation and Customer-Oriented Product Design14
4.2 Low-end Disruption to Lure Overshot Customers15
4.3 American-style Product Launch, Hunger Marketing Significantly Improve Brand Awareness16
4.4 Pre-Ordering & Outsourcing Production to Enhance Competitiveness17
5. Future Development Strategies18
5.1 Strengthening Sales Channels and Overseas Markets18
5.2 Diversification into 3C Products, IoT, and Cloud Services19
Glossary of Terms21
List of Companies22

List of Topics

- Xiaomi's development highlights and product deployment in the fields of smartphone, connected TV, and smart home
- Operational performance of Xiaomi's smartphone business in China, touching on its shipment volume and ranking (by market share) in recent years
- Analysis of Xiaomi's key success factors and its future development strategies, including expansion in sales channels and overseas markets as well as diversification into 3C products, IoT, and cloud services

List of Tables

Table 1: Brief History of Xiaomi's Development4
Table 2: Specifications of Xiaomi's Major Smartphones7
Table 3: Specifications of Xiaomi's STB & Connected TV9
Table 4: Xiaomi's Major Smart Home Products10
Table 5: Smartphone Vendor Ranking by Shipments in China, 2011-1H201513

List of Figures

Figure 1: Xiaomi's Smart Home IoT Open Platform Solutions11
Figure 2: Xiaomi's Smartphone Shipments, 2011-201512
Figure 3: Xiaomi Redefines Product Value Chain15
Figure 4: Xiaomi's Low-end Disruption Strategy16

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