Global Gaming Market by Country (United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom), Company Profiles, Share, Trends, Analysis, Size, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast 2015 - 2021

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The online gaming industry is moving ahead rapidly with constant innovations. Multi-players, role-playing games, and different genres of games are in great demand. According to estimates, almost 60% of the population in the U.S. has access to games and nearly 50% households own at least one gaming console. While U.S. and Europe are currently the largest markets, Asia Pacific is the largest market led by China, Japan, and India accounts for 38.70% of market share in 2013 and will continue to dominate the global gaming market throughout the forecasted period growing at a CAGR of 6.7%(2014-2021) Primary motivators for the rapid growth of this market include greater penetration of mobile phones and internet. The gaming industry is largely dependent on internet and with intense internet penetration across the globe, this industry is set to record tremendous revenue growth

This Occams Research Report covers

1. Historical data
2. Revenue forecasts, growth rates and CAGR upto 2021
3. Industry Analysis
4. Competitive Analysis
5. Key geographic growth data
6. Deep profiles  top competitive  companies

This report covers the online gaming market giving a detailed analysis of the market with respect to Gaming softwares, platforms and demographics of the gaming population from 2013-2021. The key motivators for the market are expansion of customer base along with intense penetration of internet and widespread reach of smart phones. What the rep
Chap 1. Executive Summary 

Chap 2. Market Overview 
2.1. Key Buying Criteria 
2.1.1. Price  
2.1.2. Portability
2.1.3. Purpose
2.1.4. Genre
2.1.5. Recommendation 

Chap 3. Strategic Analysis of Gaming Market Worldwide (Key Findings)
3.1. Android gaming leading the worldwide market
3.2. Adult female gamers are leading the market
3.3. Smartphone Games
3.4. Windows is Fastest Growing Platform in Mobile Gaming Market
3.5. Game developers are targeting Developing Regions
3.6. Virtual Reality Revolution to break out
3.7. Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As) Fuelling Growth in the Industry

Chap 4. Market Determinants
4.1. Key Motivators
4.1.1. Freemium Games to cater wider range of audiences
4.1.2. Rising Internet penetration drives the online gaming market
4.1.3. Expanding Customer Base tapping various developments in the industry
4.1.4. Growing number of smartphone users unleashing new market opportunities
4.1.5. Movies marketed through gaming and animation
4.1.6. Technological Developments to enhance customer experience & distribution Cloud Computing Gaming as a Service Virtual Reality in Gaming
4.1.7. New Emerging Areas in Gaming Market Health Games Learning Games
4.2. Restraints in Gaming Market
4.2.1. Violent gaming features
4.2.2. Health Concerns
4.2.3. Social Consequences 
4.2.4. Threat of Piracy 
4.3. Challenges 
4.3.1. Easy Entry Fuelling Competition in the Industry 
4.3.2. Core gamers criticizing freemium model 

Chap 5. Competitive Intelligence 
5.1. Market Share Analysis
5.2. Key Market Strategies 
5.3. Targeting Wider Customer Segments 
5.4. Focusing on existing titles and their sequels 
5.5. In-house development of software titles 
5.6. Leverage emerging technologies, platforms, and digitally delivered content 
5.7. Product Release Schedule 

Chap 6. Global Gaming Market Segmentation by Platform
6.1. Console 
6.1.1. Global Console Games Market by Type 
6.1.2. Global Console Games Market by Geography 
6.1.3. Console Players targeting Developing Regions 
6.2. PC Gaming 
6.2.1. Global PC Games Market by Geography
6.2.2. Global PC Games Market by Operating System
6.3. Mobile Games (IOS, Windows, Android, Java, & Others)
6.3.1. Global Mobile Games Market by Geography
6.3.2. Global Mobile Games Market by OS Platform
6.4. Tablet Games
6.4.1. Global Tablet Gaming Market by Geography
6.4.2. Global Tablet Games Market by OS Platform
6.5. Web Games
6.5.1. Web Games Market by Geography
6.5.2. Social media to boost the growth of Web games

Chap 7. Gaming Market Segmentation by Demography
7.1. Global Gaming Market By Age Group
7.1.1. Under 18 
7.1.2. 18 to 35 years 
7.1.3. 35 years and above 
7.2. By Gender 
7.2.1. Male Gamers
7.2.2. Female Gamers

Chap 8. Regional Analysis
8.1. North America
8.1.1. The U.S.
8.1.2. Canada
8.2. Europe
8.2.1. Germany
8.2.2. France
8.2.3. U.K. 
8.3. Asia 
8.3.1. China
8.3.2. India
8.4. RoW

Chap 9. Company profiling
9.1. Aardman Animations Ltd
9.1.1. Overview
9.1.2. Product Portfolio
9.1.3. Strategic Moves
9.1.4. SCOT Analysis
9.2. Activision Blizzard
9.2.1. Overview
9.2.2. Product Portfolio
9.2.3. Revenue Analysis
9.2.4. SCOT Analysis
9.2.5. Strategic Analysis
9.3. Capcom Co. Ltd
9.3.1. Overview
9.3.2. Product Portfolio
9.3.3. Revenue Analysis
9.3.4. Strategic Moves
9.3.5. SCOT Analysis
9.3.6. Strategic Analysis
9.4. DQ Entertainment
9.4.1. Overview
9.4.2. Product Portfolio
9.4.3. Strategic Moves
9.4.4. SCOT Analysis
9.5. Electronic Arts
9.5.1. Overview
9.5.2. Product Portfolio 
9.5.3. Revenue Analysis 
9.5.4. SCOT Analysis 
9.5.5. Strategic Analysis 
9.6. GungHo Entertainment
9.6.1. Overview 
9.6.2. Product Portfolio 
9.6.3. Revenue Analysis 
9.6.4. Strategic Moves
9.6.5. SCOT Analysis
9.6.6. Strategic Analysis
9.7.1. Overview
9.7.2. Product Portfolio
9.7.3. Revenue Analysis
9.7.4. Strategic Moves
9.7.5. SCOT Analysis
9.7.6. Strategic Analysis
9.8. The Lego Group
9.8.1. Overview
9.8.2. Product Portfolio
9.8.3. Revenue Analysis
9.8.4. Strategic Moves
9.8.5. SCOT Analysis
9.8.6. Strategic Analysis
9.9. Microsoft Corporation
9.9.1. Overview
9.9.2. Product Portfolio
9.9.3. Revenue Analysis
9.9.4. Strategic Moves
9.9.5. SCOT Analysis 
9.9.6. Strategic Analysis 
9.10. Nintendo Entertainment Systems 
9.10.1. Overview 
9.10.2. Product Portfolio 
9.10.3. Revenue Analysis 
9.10.4. SCOT Analysis 134
9.10.5. Strategic Analysis 
9.11. Rockstar Games 
9.11.1. Overview 
9.11.2. Product Portfolio 
9.11.3. Revenue Analysis 
9.11.4. SCOT Analysis 
9.11.5. Strategic Analysis 
9.12. Sega Sammy Holdings 
9.12.1. Overview 
9.12.2. Product Portfolio 
9.12.3. Revenue Analysis 
9.12.4. Strategic Moves 
9.12.5. SCOT Analysis 
9.12.6. Strategic Analysis 
9.13. Sony Corporation 
9.13.1. Overview 
9.13.2. Product Portfolio 
9.13.3. SCOT Analysis 
9.13.4. Strategic Analysis 
9.14. Tencent Holdings Limited 
9.14.1. Overview 
9.14.2. Product Portfolio 
9.14.3. Revenue Analysis 
9.14.4. Strategic Moves 
9.14.5. SCOT Analysis 
9.14.6. Strategic Analysis 
9.15. Ubisoft Entertainment 
9.15.1. Overview 
9.15.2. Product Portfolio 
9.15.3. Revenue Analysis 
9.15.4. Strategic Moves 
9.15.5. SCOT Analysis 
9.15.6. Strategic Analysis 
9.16. Zynga Inc 
9.16.1. Overview 
9.16.2. Product Portfolio 
9.16.3. Revenue Analysis 
9.16.4. Strategic Moves 
9.16.5. SCOT Analysis 
9.16.6. Strategic Analysis 

List of Tables

TABLE 1 Global Gaming Market by gamers age group in $ billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 2 Region wise Average Annual Spending by Gaming Consumer ($) in 2013 
TABLE 3 Some Popular VR Devices expected to be launched in 2015 
TABLE 4 Recent M&As in Gaming Industry 
TABLE 5 Top Grossing Games on play stores 
TABLE 6 Global Gaming Market by Device Type in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 7 Global Console Games Market by Type in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 8 Global Console Games Market by Geography in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 9 Global PC Games Market by Geography in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 10 Global PC Games Market by Operating System in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 11 Global Mobile Games Market by geography in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 12 Global Tablet Games Market by Geography in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 13 Global Tablet Games Market by Operating System in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 14 List of top 5 Social Game Companies based on Monthly Active Users 
TABLE 15 Global Web Games Market by geography in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 16 Global Gaming Market Segmentation by Gamers Age in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 17 Gaming Geography Market by age group in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 18 Gaming Geography Market by age group (18-35years) in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 19 Gaming Geography Market by age group (Above 35years) in $billion (2013-2021)
TABLE 20 Global Gaming Device Market by Age Group (Above35 years) in $billion (2013-2021)
TABLE 21 Global Gaming Market by geography in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 22 North America Gaming Market by Geography in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 23 North America Gaming Market by Device Type in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 24 Video game developers platform preferences (at GDC 2013) 
TABLE 25 Europe Gaming Market in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 26 Europe Gaming Market by Device Type in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 27 Asian Gaming Market in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 28 Asia Gaming Market by Device Type in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 29 Gaming Market for RoW in $billion (2013-2021) 
TABLE 30 RoW Gaming Market by Device Type in $billion (2013-2021) 
List of Figures

FIGURE 1 Global Gaming Market: Facts & Figures 
FIGURE 2 Hardcore Gamers Vs Casual Gamers 
FIGURE 3 Popularity of Game Genres (%) in 2013 
FIGURE 4 Global Gaming Market Share Penetration by Gender in % (2011-2013) 
FIGURE 5 Percentage of Paying Gamers Vs Total Mobile Gamers (%) on various platforms in 2013 
FIGURE 6 Global Gaming Market Share Penetration by OS Platform in % (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 7 Gamers preference for game selection by Gender 
FIGURE 8 Mobile & Smartphone Users Worldwide in $billion (2012-2021) 
FIGURE 9 Distribution of heath games by platforms in 2013 
FIGURE 10 Global Gaming Market Share Analysis 
FIGURE 11 Key Strategies followed in gaming industry 
FIGURE 12 Global Console Games Market in $billion (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 13 Global PC Games Market in $billion (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 14 Global Mobile Games Market in $billion (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 15 Global Mobile Gaming Market by OS platform in $billion (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 16 Global Tablet Games Market in $billion (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 17 Global Web Games Market in $billion (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 18 Percentage rise in social media users globally from 2007-08 to 2011-12 
FIGURE 19 Global Gaming Market for under-18 years in $billion (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 20 Global Gaming Device Market by Age Group (Under-18 years) in $billion (2013-2021)
FIGURE 21 Global Gaming Market for 18-35 years in $billion (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 22 Global Gaming Device Market by Age Group (18-35 years) in $billion (2013-2021)
FIGURE 23 Global Gaming Market for 35 years and above years in $billion (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 24 Gaming market penetration by gender 
FIGURE 25 U.S. Gaming Market Share Penetration by Age Group in % (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 26 Canada Gaming Market in $billion (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 27 German Gaming Market by Screen in $millions in 2013 
FIGURE 28 France Gaming Market in $billion (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 29 U.K. Gaming Market in $billion (2013-2021) 
FIGURE 30 Popularity of Game Genre in China in 2013
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