Global Cloud Computing Market by Country (United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom), Company Profiles, Share, Trends, Analysis, Size, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast 2015 - 2021

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Cloud Computing is an internet based technology that serves a centralized data source to remote devices connected via internet or intranet. It is a network where a program or application runs on a server and is shared across multiple devices such as Personal Computers (PCs), Laptops, and Mobile Devices. The sole requirement is connecting the server through a communication network such as Internet or Intranet or Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN). The earlier levels of virtualization were featured by integrated storage, CapEx and OpEx savings, and data security and so on. Cloud computing enables utilization of data to support business decisions while keeping IT cost down. It also enables organizations to leverage PaaS for faster application deployment. Cloud Computing is being largely used by major companies for their widely used applications such as Drop box Inc. for their Dropbox Storage, Google Inc. for Gmail, Google Auto Back Up, Face book , Ever note, Skype and lot more.

Cloud Computing services have a transformational effect on all sectors across the globe. Almost all the sectors are shifting or at least thinking to shift their database into the cloud. Today several IT companies have moved to cloud computing. Other sectors such as healthcare and social media are most affected by cloud computing. There are several reasons why a company or an industry migrates to cloud. However, the major reason is cost reduction. Cloud services are allowing the b
Chap 1. Overview Of Cloud Computing 
1.1. Defining Cloud Computing Market 
1.2. Cloud Computing Architecture
1.3. Key Buying Criteria Of Cloud Computing Services 
1.3.1. Cost Is The Criteria For Major Market Segments 
1.3.2. Data Storage Capacity Is Huge 
1.3.3. Stability Of The Service Provider Is Of Paramount Importance 
1.3.4. Seeking A Solution That Can Help In Achieving Flexibility 
1.4. Value Chain Analysis 
1.4.1. Cloud Vendors 
1.4.2. Cloud Service Providers 
1.4.3. Cloud Distributors And Resellers 
1.4.4. Cloud Brokers 
1.4.5. End Users Enterprise Users Consumers 
1.5. Strategic Recommendations 
1.5.1. Data Security Is No More A Problem With Encrypted Code 
1.5.2. Go Hybrid 
1.5.3. Flexible Deployment Models For Big Data 
1.5.4. Expanding Opportunities In The Public Sector 

Chap 2. Key Components Of Cloud Computing
2.1. On The Basis Of Deployment Models 
2.1.1. Public Cloud Drivers Of Public Cloud Growth In Small & Medium Businesses Provide Tremendous Opportunity For Public Cloud Services SaaS Is The Biggest Driver For Cloud Service Providers Cost & Time Efficiency Is The Need Of The Growing Market Restraints Security Is The Major Issue In Public Cloud Model 
2.1.2. Private Cloud Provides Greater Control And Privacy Drivers Government Regulations Demand High Data Security Increasing Concerns Of Big Business Towards Security Restraints High Cost Of Private Cloud Services 
2.1.3. Hybrid Clouds Drivers Allows Easy Distribution And Migration Of Workloads Secured Services Left Behind Cost Concerns 
2.2. On The Basis Of Cloud Services
2.2.1. Software As A Service (Saas) 
2.2.2. Infrastructure As A Service (Iaas) 
2.2.3. Platform As A Service (Paas) 
2.2.4. Business Process As A Service (Bpaas) 
2.2.5. Advertising As A Service 
2.2.6. Others 
Chap 3. Market Determinants 
3.1. Key Market Motivators 
3.1.1. Social Media Boosting Growth Of Cloud Computing 
3.1.2. Mobile Cloud Computing 
3.1.3. Cloud Gaming 
3.1.4. Enterprises Seek To Transform Growth Using Cloud 
3.1.5. Cloud Enables Accessibility To Advanced Technology Thereby Reducing It Cost 
3.1.6. Cloud Fueling Innovation In The It Market 
3.1.7. Cloud Computing: Need Of Big Data 
3.1.8. Cloud To Cater New Areas Of Applications Healthcare Smart City 
3.1.9. Increasing Broadband Penetration 
3.1.10. Increasing Public Investment 
3.2. Restraints 
3.2.1. Cost Of Workload Migration And Apprehension Of Vendor Lock-In 
3.2.2. Highly Competitive Market For Small Cloud Service Providers 
3.2.3. Security And Privacy Is A Concern 
3.2.4. Latency On Network 
3.2.5. Legal Issues Legal Barriers Trade Policies Infrastructure 
3.3. Challenges 
3.3.1. Data Security And Risk 
3.3.2. Performance And Bandwidth Cost 
3.3.3. Cloud Pricing Considerations 
3.3.4. Change In Corporate Culture And Existing IT Infrastructure 
3.4. Opportunities 
3.4.1. Healthcare 
3.4.2. Smart City 
3.4.3. Education 
3.4.4. Now Oil & Gas Sector To Turn Towards Cloud Computing 
3.4.5. Banking 
3.4.6. Climate Change & Food & Nutrition Security 
3.4.7. Growing Service Models Security As A Service: 
3.4.8. Development In Hybrid Cloud 

Chap 4. Sector Analysis 
4.1. Big Data 
4.1.1. Key Components Of Big Data Information Management High Performance Analytics 
4.1.2. Drivers Growing CRM Practices In Businesses 
4.1.3. Restraints Filtering The Right Information Security Concerns 

Chap 5. Competitive Landscape 
5.1. Market Share 
5.2. Key Company Analysis 
5.2.1. Salesforce.Com Revenue Analysis 
5.2.2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Revenue Analysis 
5.2.3. Oracle Revenue Analysis 
5.2.4. Google Revenue Analysis 
5.2.5. IBM Revenue Analysis 
5.3. Key Strategies Of Global Cloud Computing Market 
5.3.1. Acquisition As The Key Entry Strategy For Potential Entrants 
5.3.2. Companies Cruising Towards Partnerships To Register Growth 
5.3.3. Innovations To Tap Dynamic Market Opportunities 
5.3.4. Enhancing The Product Portfolio 
5.3.5. Expanding The Geographical Boundaries 

Chap 6. Geographical Analysis 
6.1. Asia Pacific 
6.1.1. India 
6.1.2. Japan 
6.1.3. China 
6.1.4. Australia 
6.2. Europe 
6.2.1. United Kingdom 
6.2.2. Germany 
6.3. North America 
6.3.1. United States 
6.3.2. Canada 
6.4. Latin America 
6.4.1. Brazil 
6.4.2. Mexico 
6.5. Row (Rest Of World) 
6.5.1. Middle East 

Chap 7. Company Profiling 
7.1. Salesforce.Com 
7.1.1. Overview 
7.1.2. Product Portfolio 
7.1.3. Revenue Analysis 
7.1.4. SCOT Analysis 
7.1.5. Strategic Moves 
7.2. Amazon Web Services 
7.2.1. Overview 
7.2.2. Product Portfolio
7.2.3. SCOT Analysis 
7.2.4. Strategic Moves 
7.3. Microsoft
7.3.1. Overview 
7.3.2. Product Portfolio 
7.3.3. SCOT Analysis 
7.3.4. Strategic Moves 
7.4. Netsuite 
7.4.1. Overview 
7.4.2. Revenue Analysis 
7.4.3. Product Portfolio 
7.4.4. SCOT Analysis 
7.4.5. Strategic Moves 
7.5. Oracle 
7.5.1. Overview 
7.5.2. Product Portfolio 
7.5.3. Revenue Analysis 
7.5.4. SCOT Analysis 
7.5.5. Strategic Moves 
7.6. Rackspace 
7.6.1. Overview 
7.6.2. Product Portfolio 
7.6.3. Revenue Analysis 
7.6.4. SCOT Analysis 
7.6.5. Strategic Moves 
7.7. SAP AG 
7.7.1. Overview 
7.7.2. Product Portfolio 
7.7.3. Revenue Analysis 
7.7.4. SCOT Analysis 
7.7.5. Strategic Moves 
7.8. Softlayer (IBM) 
7.8.1. Overview 
7.8.2. Product Portfolio 
7.8.3. SCOT Analysis 
7.8.4. Strategic Moves 
7.9. Terremark/Verizon 
7.9.1. Product Portfolio 
7.9.2. SCOT Analysis 
7.9.3. Strategic Moves 
7.10. Logmein
7.10.1. Overview 
7.10.2. Logmein Products Portfolio
7.10.3. Revenue Analysis 
7.10.4. Strategic Moves 
7.10.5. Scot Analysis

List of Tables

Table 1 Amazon Cloud Price Comparison On The Basis Of Storage Capacity 
Table 2 Global Cloud Computing Market Estimations By Deployment Model In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Table 3 Global Public Cloud Market By Geography In $Billion(2013-2021) 
Table 4 Global Private Cloud Market By Geography In $ Billion(2013-2021) 
Table 5 Global Hybrid Cloud Market By Geography In $Billion(2013-2021) 
Table 6 Global Cloud Computing Market Estimation By Service Models In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Table 7 Advertising As A Service Market By Geography In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Table 8 Infrastructure As A Service Market By Geography In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Table 9 Platform As A Service Market By Geography In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Table 10 Business Process As A Service Market By Geography In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Table 11 Advertising As A Service Market By Geography In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Table 12 Global Big Data Market By Type In $ Billion(2013-2021) 
Table 13 Global Big Data Market By Geography In $Billion(2013-2021) 
Table 14 Global Cloud Computing Market Estimation By Regions In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Table 15 Cloud Computing Market Estimation For Asia Pacific In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Table 16 Cloud Computing Market Estimation For Europe In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Table 17 Cloud Computing Market Estimation For North America In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Table 18 Cloud Computing Revenue For Latin America In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Table 19 Cloud Computing Market Estimation For Row In $Billion (2013-2021) 

List of Figures

Figure 1 Cloud Computing Architecture 
Figure 2 Big Data And Cloud Computing Market Estimation For 2013-2021 
Figure 3 Global Cloud Computing Market Share (%) By Services For Year 2013 
Figure 4 Cloud Computing Value Chain Analysis 
Figure 5 Region Wise Availability Of Data Centers 
Figure 6 Global Cloud Computing Market Share By Deployment Models For 2013 
Figure 7 Usage Of Public Cloud Computing In SMB In Year 2013
Figure 8 Cloud Services
Figure 9 Software As A Service Market Estimation In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Figure 10 Infrastructure As A Service Market Estimation In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Figure 11 Platform As A Service Market Estimation In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Figure 12 Business Process As A Service Market Estimation In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Figure 13 Business Process As A Service Market Estimation In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Figure 14 Market Drivers Of Cloud Computing 
Figure 15 Rising Social Media Usage (%) From FY 2007-2008 To 2011-2012 
Figure 16 Number Of Application Deployed On Different Platforms In Thousands(2009-2012) 
Figure 17 Benefits Of Cloud Computing In Businesses 
Figure 18 Global Hybrid Cloud Market Estimation In $Billion (2013-2021) 
Figure 19 Big Data Analytics Bucket 
Figure 20 Market Share (2013) Of Key Players In The Global Cloud Computing Market 
Figure 21 Salesforce.Com Revenues In $Billion (2010-2013) 
Figure 22 AWS Revenues In $Billion (2010-2013) 
Figure 23 Oracle Cloud Revenues In $Billion (2010-2013) 
Figure 24 Google Cloud Revenues In $Billion (2011-2013) 
Figure 25 IBM Revenues In $Billion (2010-2013) 
Figure 26 Netsuite Yearly Revenue In $Billion
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