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Order Guide

How to place an Order?

Placing an order at Marketreportsonchina.com is too easy; one can make use of the Shopping Cart which is a basket for all things a customer has decided to buy. This cart holds the collection of reports until the customer is ready for the final process of purchase.

A customer may add on publications to this cart by clicking the BUY NOW tab. However, such publications may have several delivery options like hard copy mail delivery or PDF delivery. The purchaser may enter the information on the checkout page and then click on the most suited payment mode according to his or her requirements to finish the ordering procedure.

What is the different payment modes accepted and what are the suitable timing slots for the same?

Payments can be made through credit cards, cheques, wire transfer or even through invoice. These mediums of payment can be conducted through customer service from 9 am to 8 pm IST on Weekdays and 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays (ALL TIMINGS AS PER IST).

How much is the shipping charge applicable?

The Shipping and Handling charges are payable by the customer and they are only applicable in case when the ordered data is shipped in the printed format. The shipping expense is charged based on the weight of the items ordered. All the details about both the shipping and handling charges are available for review purpose on the Shipping Cart page before the order is made.

What are the different kinds of Licenses and what are their uses?

There are 4 kinds of Licenses that a customer may hold, they are:

  • Single User License:

    As the name denotes a SINGLE person is entitled to use the report, this person can use the report on any computer and may also print it out for personal usage. However, the person shall not (he is not allowed to) share the information of the report with any other source, organization or person. In case the person violates this rule; he is liable to pay a SITE LICENSE FEE decided by the website.

  • Department License:

    This is a license issued to a particular department/ section or a hierarchy of an organization.

  • Site License:

    This is a license issues to unlimited users WITHIN ONE CORPORATE LOCATION, for instance-a selected regional office to use a report. Each person from the selected location is entitled to make use of the report on any computer and they can also print the report for personal usage. However, they are not allowed to share the report or any information from it to any source, department, organization, group or person. People or person disregarding these license terms are liable for a GLOBAL SITE LICENSE FEE decided by the website.

  • Global Site License:

    As the name itself denotes, the global site License allows the usage of a report to unlimited users WITHIN THE PURCHASING SOURCE, for instance: global employees of a single purchasing company. Everybody from the company is entitled to use the report on any computer and also convert it into a print out format. However, no information from the report can be leaked out to any other person or persons outside the license holding company.

What is the Order turnaround duration?

Order falling under the PDF format delivery, they will be delivered within 4 hours to 48 hours to the inboxes of the e-mail id’s submitted. This time gap for delivery depends on the time difference or occurrence of holidays. In case of the Printed publication delivery, the delivery may happen within a few weeks of ordering.

What is the return policy?

We request you to please read through all the available information about the reports of your interest before you make an order request. This is essential as due to the nature of the information sold; we are unable to accept any returns under any circumstances. Therefore reports once delivered cannot be returned for any reasons whatsoever. In case of any doubts regarding the reports, their coverage or significance you can take help from our research specialist and they are always present to assist you.

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