Research and Forecast of China Antifreeze Market, 2014-2018

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In China, there are a lot of antifreeze manufacturing enterprises, but a few of them possess the R & D capability and the scale production; most enterprises take the price war as the competitive measure; among them, the homogeneity market competition is very fierce, moreover, some enterprises even produce the substandard products, causing the disorderly industry situation.

At present, the mainstream brands in Chinas antifreeze market include Great Wall, Shell, Mobil, Kunlun, Total and Delian. The antifreeze market is overall classified into three major types, namely imported antifreeze, joint-venture antifreeze and China domestic antifreeze. Among them, the China domestic brands account for about 80%, joint-venture brands of about 14% and imported brands of about 6%.

In 2009, the market capacity of Chinas antifreeze reached 362,500 tons with the market scale of nearly CNY 6 billion; as of the end of 2013, the antifreeze market capacity reached 885,000 tons with the average annual growth of 25%.

Benefited from the issuance of Chinas Automotive Industry Adjustment and Revitalizing Planning, under the great depression background of the world automotive industry, Chinas automotive industry currently becomes an oasis. With the gradual recovery of global economy and the continuous improvement of Chinas peoples living standard, Chinas automobile demand volume, especially the cars, will keep the rapid growth before the year of 2015. The antifreeze industry belongs to one of the important supporting industries of the automobile industry; the growth of automobile output and ownership will necessarily bring the steady rising of the antifreeze demand volume. It is estimated that Chinese domestic antifreeze market capacity will reach 2.4 million tons by 2018.

1. Development Overview of Antifreeze Industry
1.1 Industry Overview
1.2 Industrial Chain

2. Development Overview of Global Antifreeze
2.1 Status Quo of Global Automotive Fine Chemicals Market
2.2 Development History and Product Standards of Global Antifreeze
2.2.1 Development History
2.2.2 Product Standards

3. Chinas Antifreeze Development Environment
3.1 Chinas Economic Development Environment
3.2 Policy Environment of Antifreeze Industry
3.3 Chinese Domestic Antifreeze Technical Environment

4. Status Quo of Chinas Antifreeze Industry
4.1 Status Quo of Chinese Domestic Automotive Fine Chemicals Field
4.1.1 With Late Start-up and Fast Development, China Having Become the Global Key Production and Sales Base of Automotive Fine Chemicals
4.1.2 Segmented Industry Standards Continuously Being Improved and Quality Specification Gradually Keeping Pace with the International Level
4.1.3 Industry Overall Technical Level Being Gradually Improved and Product Being Upgraded and Entering the Medium and High-Grade Market
4.2 Status Quo and Forecast of Antifreeze Market
4.2.1 Status Quo
4.2.2 Market Capacity Forecast
4.3 Existing Problems

5. Competition of Chinas Antifreeze Industry
5.1 Competitiveness
5.1.1 Upstream Bargaining Power Being Strong
5.1.2 Consumer Bargaining Power Being Periodically Fluctuant
5.1.3 Threat of Industry Potential Entrants
5.1.4 Industry Internal Competition
5.2 Competitive Pattern

6. Upstream and Downstream Analysis of Antifreeze Industry
6.1 Status Quo of Upstream Industry
6.1.1 Ethylene Glycol
6.1.2 Methanol
6.2 Status Quo of Automobile Industry

7. Import and Export Statistics of Antifreeze Products
7.1 Import and Export Statistics of Antifreezes and Thawing Agents, 2010-2013
7.2 Import Sources and Export Destinations of Antifreezes and Thawing Agents, 2013 (Jan-Nov)

8. Chinese Domestic Major Antifreeze Manufacturing Enterprises
8.1 Bluestar New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd.
8.1.1 Company Profile
8.1.2 Main Business
8.1.3 Competitive Advantages
8.1.4 Business Performance
8.1.5 Future Development Strategy
8.2 Guangdong Delian Group Co., Ltd.
8.2.1 Company Profile
8.2.2 Main Business
8.2.3 Competitive Advantages
8.2.4 Business Performance
8.2.5 Future Development Strategy
8.3 Sinopec Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.
8.3.1 Company Profile
8.3.2 Main Business
8.3.3 Competitive Advantages
8.3.4 Business Performance
8.4 Zhangjiagang TEEC Automotive Chemicals Co., Ltd.
8.4.1 Company Profile
8.4.2 Main Business
8.4.3 Business Performance
8.5 Beijing Lidixin Technology Development Co., Ltd.
8.5.1 Company Profile
8.5.2 Main Business
8.5.3 Business Performance

9. Investment and Development Trends of Antifreeze Industry
9.1 Investment Opportunities
9.2 Investment Risks
9.2.1 Being Affected by Automotive Industry Development
9.2.2 Purchase Price Fluctuation of Raw Materials
9.2.3 Disorderly Market Competition
9.2.4 High Certification Barrier of Large Customers
9.3 Development Trend
9.3.1 Being Non-toxic
9.3.2 Extending the Service Life
9.3.3 Being Easily Degradable and Reusable
9.3.4 High Heat Conductivity
9.4 Development Suggestions
9.4.1 Setting up the Industry Association and Improving the Industry Self-Discipline
9.4.2 Government Making the Intervention to Encourage the Proper Market Competition
9.4.3 Strengthening the Capability Construction and Improving the Risk Resisting Capability and Core Competitiveness 

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